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Yoga Therapist Training

Orange County’s First and Only Yoga Therapist Training

An 850-hour IAYT accredited training program. We proudly offer in-person and virtual training options. This program is designed to training yoga teachers to work with clients with specific health conditions and intelligently offer customized yoga tools to move their clients towards optimal physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our mission is to develop a thriving yoga therapy network throughout Orange County, CA and beyond by training high quality yoga therapist, actively mentoring them, and building community-based relationships to assist them in creating long-term and fulfilling careers.

Study Yoga Therapy

Learn how all three levels of our Yoga Therapist Training work, as students who have already taken a 300hr YTT can transfer hours towards our Level 1 curriculum.


How is Yoga Therapy Different from Yoga?

Level of Training

Yoga Therapists have five times the amount of education compared to yoga teachers, with an education comparable to a Master’s level. They are trained to work with clients with specific or persistent health conditions, as part of an integrative team.

Assessment Component

Whether in a one-on-one setting or small patient groups, yoga therapists conduct intake and assessment, identifying areas of imbalance, as well as opportunities for growth.

Therapeutic Plan

From the assessment, the yoga therapist develops a safe and effective practice that is uniquely customized to meet the needs of the individual or appropriate for a group setting in which the group shares a similar problem or symptoms.

Build a Career

Work as part of an integrative team.

Our training prepares our graduates to work in a myriad of settings. From developing a home practice in a traditional lineage-based approach, to offering services as part of an integrative clinical practice, to working in rehabilitation centers, or universities; Yoga Therapists have a wide offering of tools to compliment the work of other providers and facilitate whole person care.

As the medical paradigm shifts towards disease prevention and interventions that address the bio / psycho / social elements of the human experience, yoga therapists are uniquely positioned to offer holistic time-tested tools to assist their clients in creating positive change in their bodies, minds, relationships, and self-care practices.

“Yoga is the ability to do something tomorrow that we cannot do today,’ Yoga Therapy training not only showed me this, but provided me the tools to share with others so they may achieve their goals. Amazing to experience, and amazing to share and witness the transformation in people’s lives.”


Yoga Therapist

“This training is so much more than just finding a new career, AlcheMe Yoga Therapy training gave me the tools to find my purpose in life.  Living in alignment with my purpose and having the confidence to work one-on-one in a clinical setting or privately with individual clients has given me the freedom live my dreams instead of wish for them.   As a yoga teacher for many years, I can now break free from fitness yoga, truly meet each individual where they are, and guide them toward the life of their dreams.”


Yoga Therapist

“I learned a great deal in this yoga therapy program and it helped me grow tremendously as a teacher.  Even though I had been teaching yoga for almost 15 years, I never felt confident teaching students one on one.  Through this program I found my confidence in teaching students privately and found how powerful and effective those individual sessions can be.”


Yoga Therapist

“This training was the foundation of my new career and future. I am most appreciative of the experience working in a clinical setting at Hoag with Yoga Therapy clients. Be the Change has truly created an environment that fosters growth.”


Yoga Therapist

“Looking back on my time in AlcheMe’s yoga therapy course it’s almost difficult to believe just how much material was covered by such a diverse range of experienced, passionate healthcare professionals and yoga therapists. To say this course gives you a solid foundation would be a huge understatement and I graduated with a wealth of new skills and knowledge, ready to take my place in this exciting, emerging field. The practicum was an excellent opportunity to start to implement these skills and find my true voice as a yoga therapist with the seemingly infinite and thorough support of my teachers and peers.”


Yoga Therapist

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